This year we have started up the Taneyville band once again! Band occurs during school hours (during the last hour of the day). We also have morning practices whenever the students arrive at school in the mornings. Below you will find a schedule of the days that each grade has band and the mornings that the different sections have practices.

Band Schedule Last Hour Rotation

Tues: 5th Grade Band

Weds: 7th Grade Band

Thurs: 6th Grade Band

Fri: 8th Grade Band

Morning Practice Schedule 7:30-7:55

Tues: Flutes

Weds: Clarinets/Saxophones

Thurs: Trumpets/Trombones

Fri: Percussion

Student Projects and Performances:

We will be doing at least 2 performances this year. One in December and one during the spring.

I will post any other performances/projects here.