Booster Club

Thanks to many local sponsors and a persistent Booster Club, the Taneyville School District was able to provide most of the school supplies (excluding gym shoes and backpacks) to each student this school year at no cost to the families.


  • Financial Relief - to eliminate the monetary burden of purchasing supplies for families in our school district

  • Equality in the Classrooms - each student receives exactly the same supplies and teachers are not purchasing supplies from their own resources. With focus on education as the priority always, equality of supplies is one less thing that takes focus away from the job of learning. This also allows for students moving in during the year to be ready to work the first day of school with exactly the same supplies as all of their new friends.

  • Consistency and Quality - teachers have greater input in their supply lists, consistency of the brands/type of supplies purchased that will benefit their students most

  • Purchasing Power - purchasing in bulk allows for greater discounts and because Booster Club is a non-profit organization, no sales tax was paid on any of the supplies purchased.

  • School Spirit - every student and family in the school receives benefit from this project, in turn we hope to build pride and school spirit along with involvement to keep this project going!

Now that you know all the wonderful things that came from this year’s project, we are looking forward to years to come. We would like to continue this as an annual project for our school but in order to do that we need your help.

For example, if the average cost of your student’s school supplies is $20, with that same $20, we could purchase ALL OF THIS:

  • 25 spiral note books AND

  • 25 boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons AND

  • 50 two pocket folders AND

  • 60 #2 pencils


  • Booster Club Members/Volunteers - attend a meeting, volunteer at a Club fundraising event, and/or volunteer to help with the sorting and distributing of school supplies for next year

  • Clip Labels - please send in your Box Tops, Best Choice Labels, Community Cash and Labels for Education (click on link to learn about these programs and more ways to earn). These small things add up and could potentially fund this entire project. Plus, your child’s class will earn parties throughout the year just for bringing these in.

  • Target Redcard "Take Charge of Education" - program that earns you discounts and your designated school money every time you use it. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Financial Sponsors - monetary donations to this project can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

With enough support from volunteers, labels and financial donations, we would love to be able to say next year, “We will supply your back packs and shoes as well!”


  • $15 TO SPONSOR A STUDENT - the average cost per student is around $15. Some class lists require items that are more expensive and some are less, but this is the average. Each $15 donation will supply everything a student needs in the classroom.

  • $75 TO SPONSOR A SUPPLY - of the 50 different supplies we purchased this year, the average cost per supply was $75. Meaning with your $75 donation, we could purchase almost 600 two pocket folders for our classes! With a donation of this size, your name will be added to our Tiger Patron Boards at the entrance to the gym for all to see your support of our school.

  • $300 TO SPONSOR A CLASSROOM - With an average class size of 20, the cost to supply a classroom is approximately $300. With a donation of this size, your name will be added to our Lifetime Tiger Patron Boards at the entrance to the gym for all to see your support of our school.

  • $$$ Any Amount - even $1 makes a difference! With your dollar we can purchase 10 glue sticks or 3 pencil sharpeners or a pair of scissors, no donation is too small!

Simply complete and return the form below with your donation.

100% of everything you donate goes directly to the students, there are no shipping, handling or overhead costs with this project, it is fueled by volunteer hands. Taneyville Booster Club is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is also tax deductible!

We are already working on this project for next school year and the funds we have available by March or April will determine if we are able to continue. We feel this is a very worthwhile cause enhancing every student every day like no other project can. If you can find it in you to help, whether through volunteerism or dollars, you can make this project happen. If you don’t think this makes a difference, walk in to school the first day and see the excitement on the students’ faces when they see all of their brand new supplies, handpicked just for them and the feeling of pride they have, it will warm your heart!